Lavrov said that Algeria is among the leaders of the BRICS candidate countries

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said that Algeria is among the leaders of BRICS countries

Algeria is among the leaders in all its parameters among the BRICS candidate countries, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Last fall, Algeria submitted a formal application to join the BRICS. President Abdelmajid Tebboun said that Algeria hopes to join the association in 2023.

“Formal requests to join have already been received from several countries. The number of such requests exceeds the initial number of BRICS members – more than five. Algeria is among those countries. At the last events of the Five, held this year under the Chinese presidency, we agreed on the need to develop common approaches to such requests. As a first step, we will agree on the criteria, parameters and conditions for the admission of new members to our association. Algeria is one of the leaders in all its qualities,” the minister said in an interview with RT Arabic.

According to Lavrov, it is necessary to find a format “that will reflect the legitimate interests of these states in promoting, together with the BRICS, the principles of justice and democracy in international political and economic relations.

“The structures of future cooperation will not depend on the whims of just one group of countries, much less one sovereign, as is the case with the United States, which grossly misuses the role of the dollar in the international monetary and financial system and its other monopoly positions, which for years have been built under the slogan of ‘globalization,'” the minister stressed.

“I am convinced that in the coming years we will see concrete results in the expansion of BRICS and the number of its partners that will promote coordinated goals and objectives among all participants,” said the head of the Russian diplomatic office.

Asked whether the association will change its name when the number of its members expands, Lavrov noted that there may be several options, but BRICS has already established itself as a brand.

BRICS unites Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. A number of other countries want to join the economic bloc, including Argentina, Iran, and, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Indonesia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

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